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25 July 2020 - Kursana rockt!

08393 Meerane

There's some hope for this year. Together with Black Ice Berlin I will be playing live on stage again after almost one year. Kursana rockt! was cancelled last year (like every concert in 2020). The cause was the Covid-19 pandemic. But this year we will rock again with you and of course we're super excited!

I hope you'll be there! See you!


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Flyer Kursana rockt 2021

Yesss! Since 13th november the new album by AC/DC is out and we can play and listen to some great music in this real crazy times. Thumbs up! With this new piece of work we can start into the new year with great confidence.

I wish you all a wonderful happy new year! Stay healthy. Hopefully we see each other at one of my shows. Have a good time!

You can watch some new videos of my last concerts with Black Ice Berlin. Check it out! And if this is not enough for you, then just visit the YouTube channel of the band ;)