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When Alexa was six years old she started playing guitar. For the moment it was only nursery rhymes on classical guitar. Later she joined the music school “Ars Nova” and improved her musical skills.

In 2009, her dad played AC/DC and other Hard Rock classics to her. „The Razors Edge“, „Highway To Hell“ and „LIVE“ were the very first albums of the Australian band that were played all day long. Alexa switched to electric guitar, began to play all songs and emulated her idol Angus Young. She did it that good that her dad came up with the name “Little Miss Angus”.


In 2011, the 15-year-old Alexa was lucky to have her first stunning performance at the AC/DC fan meeting Geiselwind in front of more than 250 people. The year after she was invited to rock one more time there and gains good reputation over the following years. The legendary “Bonfest” at Kirriemuir (Scotland), several city festivals, the “Guitars United” festival at Leinfelden, several AC/DC Nights at Biere and many more concerts are just a few examples of the career of Little Miss Angus.


But Alexa doesn’t only play AC/DC. From 2013 to 2014 she played in a party cover band. Thus, she expanded her repertoire substantially. Bands and musicians like ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Sammy Hagar, Tina Turner or Queen refreshed her playing skills. Later, she fell for the American rock band Van Halen and founded a Van Halen tribute band called “Van Tanner” in 2016.


Today she plays in “Black Ice Berlin” (AC/DC tribute band from Berlin) and puts the finishing touch on the band


– the spirit and the show of Angus Young!

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